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You Are

Your Most Valuable



My practice is currently full. 


My hope for each and every patient is to create the life they've always wanted. My practice is comprised of individuals searching for a greater understanding of themselves and the world they live in. I am committed to my work and understand that there is no "quick fix" with regards to mental health. I believe everyone is capable of healing and growth. I believe change is possible for everyone who is willing the step out of their comfort zone and make a commitment to themselves. 


It's never too late to become the person

you've always wanted to be.


Patient Testimonials

"I was blessed to find this therapist. I was dealing with a severe trauma. Without Leeann I’m not sure where I would be today. Definitely not where I am at. I underwent EMDR therapy with her and talk therapy and both have proven to be beneficial for me. I would recommend Leeann to anyone and everyone I know because she is doing great things in that office. Always so innovative with her ideas, empowering, and she makes you think outside your box which I know I need. She is a lifesaver to me and I am grateful in every sense of the word. When I’m healed I will miss her. Go see her because you won’t regret it!"  

"I started therapy with Dr. Leeann a little over a year ago. I am a medical professional in the area and was worried about privacy living in a small town, I love her office and how private it is-I feel safe there. I have never found it easy to open up about the shadows of my life (who does?), Dr. Leeann has a magical way of being real vs clinical to where you start to feel safe opening up-I appreciate this approach. Basically in a nutshell I find her fantastic and think our community is lucky to have her and anyone on her caseload is lucky to have a spot."

"Dr. Rosckowff has changed my life for the better in the course of the last year. She is so nice, understanding, and supportive. Yet she isnt afraid to point out when you just said something that is detrimental to your mental journey, then follow it up with a solution that fits you! I genuinely look forward to every visit, and cant wait to hear what she has to say about whatevers on my mind. I highly recommend her to anybody with an open mind and is ready for change, especially within themselves."

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